Studio Policies



1) Tuition payments are based on a full session, with payment due the first week of each session. The session class price may only be applied when registering for 4 or more weeks in a series. When taking less than 4 classes, the single class rate will apply.

2) Payments can be put on a payment plan with approval of the Director, payment must stay current with classes. Students will not be allowed to take classes under “credit”.

All payments must be paid in full to participate in the May year end performance.

3) One parental family member will be responsible for payment in full. Footlight will not be responsible to collect from two parents due to divorce and changing living/parenting situations.

4) Tuition reimbursements or adjustments will not be made for any reason without permission of the Director. NO REFUNDS will be granted after the second week of classes.

5) When you pay your tuition fees, the money can only be used during that session, this guarantees a class taking place for the entire session.

6) All checks are made payable to Footlight Dance Centre. A $25.00 fee will be assessed on all returned checks.

7) All fees are paid by cash, check or *new* by credit/debit card either by swipe in person with the school director or calling in your information.


1) Be on time to class ! Anyone more than 10 minutes late will have to watch class. Being on time is courteous, insures the proper warming up of the muscles and consistancy of the dance training. If lateness becomes a problem, a note will be sent home. If you are late due to a dentist appt. or the like, please send a note.

2) School breaks and holidays will be determined each session prior to class commencement. Only dates posted should be considered a day off from your dance classes. DANCE CLASS WILL ALWAYS BE HELD, unless it is posted otherwise.

3) SNOW DAYS ONLY – Classes will be cancelled ONLY if the public schools have been cancelled or let out early due to weather conditions.

4) Classes may be cancelled or combined if the daily attendance falls below five, at the discretion of the Director. Five/six students per class must be enrolled for the class to take place during a session. Class sizes will be limited due to COVID protocols.

5) Make-up classes from illness or the like, must be done during the current session. If the existing classes are inappropriate, then the make-up class option is forfeited. Tuition cannot be reimbursed.

6) Parents are not invited to watch class, as it is distracting to your child and other students. There are performances and parent visiting days so you may observe their progress.

7) If you want to know specific ways to help your child practice between their lessons, please ask their teacher. If your child has any specific problems, physically or emotionally, please inform your teacher at the earliest possible time.


1) Prior to attending classes each student/parent must fill out a registration release form.

2) Students and parents will assume the responsibility for all injuries caused when regulations for the Dance Centre are ignored. These rules include : Using the studio without supervision, misusing the equipment, participation in class without proper footwear, and disobeying instructions. Children, no running is allowed in the studio before class and no hanging on the studio barres.

3) We reserve the right to ask a parent to discontinue a child’s lessons if the child is not emotionally ready for the structure of group dance classes. We may request you wait for a later date to start a child or suggest other opportunities.

4) Parents are responsible for seeing their children arrive for class at the proper time and picked up after class on time. Please observe quiet and respect when arriving or leaving from the studio.

5) Admittance to any Intermediate or Advanced level can only be done in September, except with the approval of the Director.

6) All dancers must fill out a release form to be admitted into a class. No parents are allowed in the dance studios due to health concerns.


1) All dance classes have a dress code.

2) All students must have their hair in a bun or tied back off their faces and neck. If their hair is hanging, students will not be able to attend class. No hanging necklaces, braclets or big watches. All intermediate and advanced ballet students must have their hair in a bun for class. Please put hair up neatly, don’t make the teachers help.

3) Absolutely NO GUM in class.

4) No street shoes allowed on the dance floor.

5) All personal possessions, clothing and dancewear shall be the responsibility of the student. A lost and found box will be utilized throughout the school year. Footlight is not responsible for any stolen or misplaced items.


1) Creative Dance 1: pink or black leotards, leggings, bare feet. Absolutely no tutus or frilly items. Hair must be pulled back in a bun or pony tail.

2) Creative Dance 2/Pre-Ballet/Ballet 1-3/Intermediate : black leotards, pink tights and pink ballet slippers (mandatory). Shoes are for your protection against falls. Any students participating in the May performance must have pink shoes. Absolutely no tutus or frilly items. Hair should be pulled back in a bun, but at least a pony tail, or if short you must provide hair clips. NO SKIRTS.

3) Advanced Ballet classes : Leotard (color of choice), pink tights, pink split sole shoes. Hair must be pulled back in a bun, or no class/no exceptions.

4) Jazz/Modern/Contemporary class : Leotard with a tight fitting tank top over, if needed, (no bare midriffs), black leggings or jazz pants. All Jazz 1 and above must have black jazz pants or leggings and jazz shoes. Absolutely no shirts, baggy pants. Hair must be in a pony tail, bun or pulled back out of your face, no exceptions. Adv. jazz students are required to have heeled character shoes 1-2 inches.

5) Hip Hop : Tight t-shirts or tank tops. NO baggy shirts. Shorts, pants, baggy pants are ok, only if they are not hanging on the floor. CLEAN tennis shoes that have been brought to the studio – no outside street shoes will be allowed on the floor. Hair pulled back, no hanging hair.

6) Tap classes : Leotard and tights or leggings – color of choice. Dress in dance clothes, not street clothes to take class. Absolutely no baggy shirts or pants. Tap shoes should have low heels. Hair must be in a pony tail, bun or pulled out of the eyes.

7) Pilates Conditioning Classes: Leotard under. Comfortable clothes and workout attire. No baggy shirts or pants. Bring your own mat.


All dance wear must be purchased in person, no shipping available.

Shoes : Pink ballet slippers 10child-2 child $16.00

Shoes : Pink split sole ballet slippers 4adult-10adult $21.00

Leotards (black) tank child sm-med-large $16.00

Leotards (black) tank adult sm-med-large $18.00

Tights : Pink convertible child sm-med-large


adult A-B-C $12.00

For more dancewear needs : Discount Dance Supply on-line for all your needs. School code #32689

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